Snaas Group acquires W.T.L. Europe

With the acquisition of WTL, Snaas Group can now independently offer maintenance and cleaning services to its waste systems customers

Snaas Group is a well-established partner in underground waste systems, custom-made metal solutions and shelving products. The company has realised substantial growth in the last years.

Snaas has acquired W.T.L. Europe to expand and strengthen its services in waste systems.

W.T.L. Europe has over two decades of experience in installing, maintaining, inspecting and cleaning both underground- and aboveground waste container systems and is a leading player within these segments. The company owns a specialized fleet of maintenance- and cleaning vehicles.

Snaas Waste Systems supplies both underground- and aboveground waste disposal systems and has worked together with W.T.L. Europe for many years. Pieter van der Wulp, founder of W.T.L. Europe: “This acquisition is a natural next step in our partnership and WTL will fully benefit from being part of the rapidly developing Snaas Group.”

Jeroen Snaas, commercial director of Snaas Group: “With our own maintenance and service division we can even better service our partners in the waste systems market. This acquisition enables Snaas Waste Systems to offer the flexibility that municipalities and other partners require. It also allows us to meet the highest level of quality criteria in the market”.

W.T.L. Europe will continue its activities under the name of Snaas Maintenance & Service. Mr van der Wulp will be associated to Snaas and will mainly focus on technical product development and innovation. Wim Hartog, managing director of the Snaas Group, will take overall responsibility for leading Snaas Maintenance & Service. The daily operations will be managed by Harry Akker.