Investment partner for technical companies with ambition

Welcome to Malon. We understand what it takes to run a business and invest in technical companies with EUR 1-6 mln EBITDA.
In addition to capital, we also provide in-depth knowledge and expertise to help building successful companies.

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Malon Capital invests in metal products manufacturer Snaas Group

About us

Experienced partner in excellence and growth

Malon Capital is a hands-on investor who rolls up the sleeves when helping companies to realize their improvement and growth potential. Our support is rooted in years of experience of the Malon Team members (active involvement in >70 companies). We invest in companies with an EBITDA-level of EUR 1.0 – 6.0 mln.

Malon Capital focuses on companies with in need of a transition and/or growth potential. We have specific interest in technical companies that anticipate the long-term developments in their market segment (e.g. manufacturing, med-tech, food, agriculture, chemicals, packaging, waste and raw materials).


Enabling buy-outs and/or further growth (investments ca. EUR 2-10 mln)


Providing access to strategic, operational, financial & technical expertise

Active support

Providing pragmatic management support to realize full growth and improvement potential

For who

Technical companies in transition


We focus on companies with EUR 0.5-6 mln EBITDA and an investment requirement of EUR 2-10 mln. Companies with growth potential and involving technology (either within the product or the process) have a specific edge with us. Furthermore, Malon Capital fits well with companies with a need for more than just capital. As an active and involved partner, there are many situations we have dealt with before and that will be of value to help achieve the desired growth- and improvement ambitions. There are not many situations that we have not dealt with.

Market segments

Technology also plays an important role in our sector focus. Driven by global changes, we see many markets that are in structural transition. Companies with a technological edge responding have our special attention. Examples of sectors Malon has been involved in are:

  • Engineering & manufacturing
  • Packaging & other materials
  • Raw materials & waste
  • Food & agriculture
  • Health & medical
  •  Energy & mobility


  • Family businesses are build on craftsmanship and good relationships with staff and customers. Succession can unfortunately be a challenge. We offer a balanced perspective for both the founder and the business.
  • Technological companies that are ready to scale up are confronted with all kinds of new issues, such as international expansion. We are willing to guide these companies in their transition to the next level.
  • You have the opportunity for a management buy-in and are looking for an investment partner. We can actively support you to realize your ambitions.
How we work

We invest in companies and in partnerships


Practical support striving for excellence:

  • Development company strategy
  • Establishing the best team and organization
  • Commercial / business development
  • Most effective logistics and purchasing
  • Operational and business excellence
  • Capacity expansion (internal or through buy & build)
  • Improvement governance (reporting, KPI’s, ERP, HR, legal, etc)
  • Initiation and guidance of smooth organizational transitions

Investing our experience:

  • Step 1 is always understanding a company and its people
  • Together with a company’s management
  • As proactively involved shareholder, not as manager
  • Effective solutions based on similar past situations
  • Provide quality (temporarily) management for key positions
  • Specific improvement programs
  • Large network of sector experts and other professionals
  • Involving people

We listen before we speak

Anne Elzinga
+316 51788761

Over the past 10 years, Anne has worked as an hands-on investor in mid-sized companies in The Netherlands. During this time he has been involved in more than 10 companies. Prior to this for many years Anne has worked as a business consultant advising various (international) clients on complex strategic challenges. Anne is experienced in performing several line management positions such as financial controller, operational and general manager. Anne is educated as a mechanical engineer (a.o. studies at TU Delft) and hold an MBA (Nyenrode 1999). Anne is co-founder of Tinseltown Investments and Spring Enterprises.
Niels Kok

Niels has nearly twenty years of experience in private equity. He has done and managed numerous acquisitions in mid-sized companies in the Netherlands. He has worked with AlpInvest Partners and subsequently with Nordian Capital (former Rabo Capital).
Niels is an involved hands-on investor, supporting companies in realising their growth and improvement plans.
Before he started as an investor, he was Mergers & Acquisitions adviser at ING Barings. Niels has a background in business economics (University of Groningen, the Netherlands).
Jonno Beugels
+316 22254671

Jonno has nearly fifteen years of experience in the hands-on equity, of which 14 with Nimbus. Jonno was involved in many investments, which include trade, food and horticulture.

> 70

actively supported companies

> 45

years of relevant experience

> EUR 200 mln

value created for entrepreneurs

Perfect partner

Experienced and passionate professionals who take a company to the next level

Valuable experience

  • >70 companies supported to improve their performance and grow successfully
  • Experienced in realising company transitions (done it ourselves)
  • Created value for entrepreneurs and other stakeholders
  • Managed many different and complicated situations

Effective and pleasant

  • Holistic approach, challenging all hard and soft business elements
  • Sharp on numbers, always in relation to daily operations
  • Our technical backgrounds enable also optimization technological aspects
  • Enabling smaller companies to leverage on knowledge gained at corporates

Driven and successful

  • Refreshing partners, down-to-earth and respectful
  • Enjoy working with people and actively building networks
  • We’re entrepreneurs ourselves
  • Passionate about what we do and achieve together


Snaas Group acquires W.T.L. Europe

With the acquisition of WTL, Snaas Group can now independently offer maintenance and cleaning services to its waste systems customers


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